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Arveleg II

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Arveleg (T.A. 1633 - 1813, died aged 10) was the twelth king of Arthedain, and came to throne upon the death of his father, Arvegil, in T.A. 1743.

During his rule the war with Angmar began again, as the peoples of the enemy recovered faster than the Dúnedain, reinforced by Easterlings and Orcs from both sides of the Misty Mountains.

Arveleg died in 1813, after having ruled for seventy years, and was succeeded by his son, Araval.




Arveleg's name is Sindarin for "Mighty King" from ar meaning "royal", and beleg (becoming lenited to veleg) meaning "mighty, strong". It is likely, however, that he was simply named after his great-great-grandfather, Arveleg I. {{Sequence

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III 1743 - 1813