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Asphodel Brandybuck

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Asphodel Brandybuck
Biographical Information
Locationthe Shire
BirthThird Age 2913
DeathThird Age 3012
ParentageGorbadoc Brandybuck and Mirabella Took
Physical Description

Asphodel Brandybuck was the fifth child of Gorbadoc Brandybuck and Mirabella Took. Her older siblings were: Rorimac, Amaranth, Saradas, and Dodinas. Her younger siblings were Dinodas, and Primula, who became the mother of Frodo Baggins. Asphodel married Rufus Burrows and they had one child, Milo Burrows in Third Age 2947. The family was in attendnace at Bilbo's Farewell Party in Third Age 3001.


"asphodel" is a plant of the lily family with white, yellow or pink flowers.