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== References ==
== References ==
*<span id="Foot1"><sup>1</sup>Interview in CarolinaCon Regional MECCG Newsletter, Issue 2 (August 24, 1998).</span>
*<span id="Foot1"><sup>1</sup>Interview in ''CarolinaCon Regional MECCG Newsletter'', Issue 2 (August 24, 1998).</span>
[[Category:Artists|Corman, Audrey]]
[[Category:Artists|Corman, Audrey]]

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Audrey Corman has created numerous Tolkien-inspired illustrations.

Detailed Description

Audrey Corman is a female artist and research chemist.

She was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. After entering Lehman College as an art major at age fifteen, Corman eventually graduated with a chemistry degree.

After moving to Connecticut to work as a research chemist, she began attending night classes at the Rhode Island School of Design and gradually picked up fantasy illustration.

Audrey Corman is considered one of the most recognizable artists for MECCG.1

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  • 1Interview in CarolinaCon Regional MECCG Newsletter, Issue 2 (August 24, 1998).