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Avathar or Avaþar (Vanyarin Q, pron. [ˈaβaθar]) was the dark strip of land at the feet of the southern Pelóri Mountains in Aman. It was the home of Ungoliant before she went to Middle-earth with Melkor.[1]



The name "Avathar" has conflicting translations. In "The Later Quenta Silmarillion" section of Morgoth's Ring, Tolkien translates Avathar as "The Shadows" in "ancient" Quenya[2] (this translation also appears in The Silmarillion[3]). However, in the "Quendi and Eldar" section of The War of the Jewels, Tolkien states that Avathar has no Elvish translation, meaning that it must have been adapted from its Valarin name[4] (however, in the Index to this book it still says "The Shadows" in a short description[5]).

In the Quenya of the Noldor, the name must have become Avasar (pron. [ˈavasar]) because of the loss of þ/th in Noldorin Quenya.[source?]

Other versions of the legendarium

In early versions of The Silmarillion, the region where Ungoliant dwelt prior to the Darkening of Valinor was called Arvalin.[source?]

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