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Bëor the Old (First Age 370 – 450, aged 93 years) was the leader of the first Men to cross the Blue Mountains into Beleriand in the First Age. He was originially named Balan.

In First Age 410, Finrod Felagund came upon Balan and his people and enchanted them with his music. Finrod quickly befriended the Men and advised them to settle in Estolad in the realm of Amrod. Balan then left with Finrod for his kingdom of Nargothrond, where he served as his vassal for 44 years. Bëor's eldest son, Baran, ruled the people of Bëor in his absence.

Balan was called Bëor by the Nargothrondrim, which meant "vassal" in Taliska, the language of the the people of Bëor. When Bëor finally died at the age of 93, a very old age for men at that time, he was given the surname Bëor the Old.


                     Bëor the Old
                  |                 |
                Baran           Belen
             |          |                    
             |          |
           Boron     Baranor