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*[[Quenya]]: ''[[Varda]]''<ref name=LR/>
*[[Quenya]]: ''[[Varda]]''<ref name=LR/>
*[[Noldorin]] ([[Sindarin]]): ''[[barad]]''; ''[[brannon]]''<ref name=LR/>
*[[Noldorin]] ([[Sindarin]]): ''[[barad]]'' ("tower"); ''[[brannon]]'' ("lord"), ''[[brennil]]'' ("lady")<ref name=LR/>
==Other versions of the legendarium==
==Other versions of the legendarium==

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BARAT, BARATH, BARAD, BARAS are Primitive Quendian roots signifying "great height combined with strength, size, majesty". The root also appears as BAR-AT/AD, signifying "lofty, high".[1]


Other versions of the legendarium

In the Etymologies appear the roots BARÁD- ("lofty, sublime"), BARAT- (from which was derived Noldorin barad "tower, fortress"), and BARATH- (from which was derived Barathī "spouse of Manwe, Queen of Stars").[2]

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