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Baggins family

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The Baggins family is a remarkable and rich Hobbit family.

The Baggins family lives in the Shire, mostly in or near the town of Hobbiton. They were seen as respectable until Bilbo Baggins set out on the quest for Erebor with Gandalf the Grey and thirteen Dwarves: when he returned he was seen as odd or queer, but also extremely rich.

Bilbo adopted his "nephew" Frodo Baggins, who inherited the smial of Bag End after Bilbo left. Frodo himself was involved in the quest of the Lord of the Rings, which ended the War of the Ring.

The Baggins clan traces their origin to the first recorded Baggins, one Balbo Baggins, who was born in or near Hobbiton in 1167 of the Shire reckoning (2767 Third Age). Bilbo is a great-grandson of Balbo, as was Frodo's father Drogo.

After Bilbo and Frodo left the only recorded Bagginses are the descendants of Bilbo's great-nephew Posco Baggins, although many other descendants of Balbo Baggins are also recorded, under the Sackville-Bagginses, as well as Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck (through various interfamiliary marriages).

The name Baggins is a translation in English of the actual Westron name Labingi, which was believed to be related to the Westron word labin, "bag".

The name Baggins is translated in most translations of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, often keeping the "bag" or 'sack' meaning:

  • In the German translation the family name is Beutlin,
  • In the Dutch translation the family name is Balings,
  • In the French translation it is Sacquet,
  • In the Norwegian translation it is Lommelun,
  • In the Finnish translation it is Reppuli,
  • In the Spanish translation it is Bolsón.

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