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Bagshot Row

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Bagshot Row
Physical Description
TypeRow of hobbit-holes
LocationHobbiton Hill
RealmsThe Shire
General Information
Other namesNew Row
EventsSaruman's Ruffian occupation
ReferencesThe Lord of the Rings

Bagshot Row was the row of hobbit-holes that were delved into Hobbiton Hill beneath Bag End. The Gamgee Family lived at Number 3, Bagshot Row. Their neighbour was Daddy Twofoot, but it is not known whether he lived at Number 2 or Number 4.

The holes were destroyed in the War of the Ring, and replaced by a new row called, simply, New Row.


It was so named because the earth removed in excavating Bag End was shot over the edge of the sudden fall in the hillside onto the ground. It was this part which later became the gardens and earthwalls of the other dwellings.[1]

Portrayal in Adaptations

2002: Vivendi's The Fellowship of the Ring:

Bagshot Row is much longer than described in the book; numbers run up to ten.
Numbers 7 and 9, inhabited by Folco Boffin and Robin Smallburrow, are inexplicably located on the "Water Road" and the "Hill Road".

2003: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King:

In an unexplained deviation from the book, Sam and Rosie still live at Number 3. Prior to that, Rosie had been living at Number 10[source?]

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