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"...there is much else that may be told." — Glóin
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Balchoth by Stephen King

The Balchoth were the descendants of those Easterlings of Rhûn which have set on the journey west to Beleriand because of the promises of riches by Melkor.Little is known about them expect that they were pressured by both Gondor's Numenorians and Morgoth's servants in the early T.A. They chose the evil side becuase of their never ending hatred to the Éothéod,who were allied to Gondor by 1500 T.A.So by 2510 T.A pressured by Sauronthey went and attacked Gondor from the north while goblins of misty mountains attcked from the west and Gondor wouldn't have survived the attacks if it weren't for the Éothéod now know as the Rohirrim who crushed the Balchoth.

The War for The Ring

The remaining Balcchots probably joined Sauron and Saruman and died out in the battle for Mirkwood and the attack on Hornburg where they were already a very small group and were mixed with men of Dunland.