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'''Band''' is [[Sindarin]] for 'prison' or 'duress'.
'''''band''''' or ''bann'' is [[Noldorin]]/[[Sindarin]] for "prison, Hell".<ref name=VT45>{{VT|45a}}, p. 6 (given language is Noldorin)</ref>
[[Category:Sindarin words]]
From [[Common Eldarin]]/[[Primitive Quendian]] ''banda'' ("prison, Hell"), from [[Sundocarme|root]] [[BAD|BAD<sup>[2]</sup>]].<ref name=VT45/>
*[[Quenya]] ''vanda'' ("prison, Hell")
[[Category:Sindarin nouns]]

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band or bann is Noldorin/Sindarin for "prison, Hell".[1]


From Common Eldarin/Primitive Quendian banda ("prison, Hell"), from root BAD[2].[1]


  • Quenya vanda ("prison, Hell")



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