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Baran (born First Age 402) is Sindarin for 'Golden Brown' and was the elder son of Bëor the Old and brother to Belen. Sometime between First Age 415 and 420 he took over leadership of the House of Bëor when his father left to serve as vassal to Finrod Felagund.

During his rule the Haladin, the people of Marach, and the Easterlings crossed over the Blue Mountains into Beleriand.


             Bëor the Old
         |                 |
         |                 |
       BARAN             Belen
         |                 |          
     ____|_____            |          
    |          |           |          
    |          |           |
  Boron     Baranor      Beldir
    |          |           |
    |          |           |
 Boromir     Bereg      Belemir

Preceded by:
Bëor the Old
2nd Head of the House of Bëor
I c. 420 – ???
Followed by:


In Sindarin, baran is glossed to mean "brown, swart, dark brown, golden brown, yellow brown". It probably derives from Old Sindarin *barana from root BARÁN.