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Basic Quenya

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Basic Quenya
Basic Quenya.jpg
AuthorNancy Martsch
PublisherBeyond Bree/Mensa Tolkien Special Interest Group
Released1st Edition 1992
FormatPlastic wrappers

Basic Quenya is a collection of the 'Quenya Language Lessons' first published in Beyond Bree 1988-90. Includes 'Appendix A - The Dick Plotz Letter' - this reproduces the manuscript "The Plotz Declension" by J.R.R. Tolkien and also includes an additional note.[1]

[edit] Editions

  • 2nd (Revised) Edition issued in 1993.
  • 1st Impression - March 1993
  • 2nd Impression - October 1993
  • 3rd Impression - August 1994
  • 4th Impression - September 1995
  • 5th Impression - May 1996
  • 6th Impression - May 1997
  • 7th Impression - November 2000
  • 8th Impression - September 2002
  • 9th Impression - July 2005

It is likely that there were several binding variants.


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