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Battle of Cirith Ungol

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The Battle of Cirith Ungol was a fought between the Orc-garrison of Cirith Ungol, and a company of orcs from Minas Morgul.

When Frodo Baggins was found unconscious on the [[Pass of Cirith Ungol] by a small company of Orcs from Cirith Ungol and a large company of orcs from Minas Morgul. The Orcs took him to the tower to be questioned. And when they stripped him of is clothing, they found the Mithril Shirt, which Gorbag the leader of the Morgul-orc company, coveted it. Then Gorbag stabbed Shagrat the commander of the tower, in the arm, which lead to a battle between the two companies that didn't end till nearly all of the Orcs were dead. Samwise Gamgee arrived near the end of the battle to rescue Frodo, and killed an Orc named Snaga who was whipping his master.

They eventually escaped the tower and made their way to Mount Doom, while Shagrat one of the last remaining Orcs in the tower, fled to Barad-dûr where he gave Sauron the Mithril shirt.