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Battle of Fornost

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name=Battle of Fornost
Conflict: Angmar War
Date: 1975 TA
Place: In the plain Between the Nenuial and Fornost, and later somewhere near the lands of Angmar
Outcome: decisive victory for the Allies, and the complete destruction of Angmar's forces

Elves, and Men

Orcs, Evil Men, Trolls, other creatures


A large host. Est. 10-20,000 soldiers from Gondor, Cavalry from the Anduin Vales, Elves from Lindon, Rivendell, and Lothlorien, and some of the remnants of Arnor

A great host. Est. 25-30,000 Orcs, Evil Men, Trolls, and other evil creatures


Unknown, possibly thousands

Total destruction of Angmars' forces, all killed save the Witch-king

The Battle of Fornost was the battle that defeated the Witch-king of Angmar, and his armies.

The Battle of Fornost was fought in the year 1975 of the Third Age by an army under Eärnur, Crown-Prince of Gondor against Angmar.

While the battle was a success in that Angmar was defeated, it came too late for Gondor's sister-realm Arnor: the last remaining part of Arnor, Arthedain had been conquered a year prior in 1974, and the last King of Arnor Arvedui had drowned in the Icebay of Forochel.

The battle was named for Fornost the old capital of Arthedain, and was fought in the plains before the city. With Gondor came Men from Rhovanion, Elves from Lindon, and the remainder of the Dúnedain of Arnor (among them Aranarth the Crown-Prince of Arthedain), and, according to the Hobbits, a company of archers from the Shire.

Angmar rode west to meet the assault, and seeing this, the cavalry of Gondor under Eärnur rode north into the Hills of Evendim to wait in ambush. As the main army of Gondor met the enemy and the battle began, the cavalry of Gondor attacked Angmar in the rear. Realizing that his forces were destroyed completely, the Witch-king of Angmar fled away east. Eärnur rode after him, but his horse shied away. Then Glorfindel attacked, and the Witch-king fled east to escape Glorfindel's wrath, disappearing from the north.

Thus the north was freed from the evil of Angmar, but Arnor was no more: those that remained of its people became the Rangers of the North.