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Battle of Greenfields

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[[Category:Conflicts of the Third Age]]
[[Category:Conflicts of the Third Age]]
[[de:Schlacht von Grünfeld]]
[[fi:Viherkenttien taistelu]]

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The Battle of Greenfields was a battle fought in Greenfields in the Shire's Northfarthing in the year III 2747, the only battle to be fought within the borders of the Shire before the War of the Ring. An invading band of Orcs from Mount Gram were led into the Shire by their chief Golfimbul; they were defeated, and Golfimbul was slain, by Bandobras Took, otherwise known as 'Bullroarer' who knocked off the Orc's head with his club.

In The Hobbit the name of the battle differs a bit from this version in The Lord of the Rings, being the Battle of the Green Fields.