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Battle of Isengard

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forces1=Large number of Ents|
forces1=Large number of Ents|
forces2=Unknown total strength, probably around 1500 [[Orcs]] and [[Men]]|
forces2=Unknown total strength, probably around 1500 [[Orcs]] and [[Men]]|
casual1= No deaths (so far as can be ascertained)|
casual1= [[Beechbone]], otherwise numbers unmentioned|
casual2= The entire force, except for [[Saruman]] and [[Wormtongue]]
casual2= The entire force, except for [[Saruman]] and [[Wormtongue]]

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Battle of Isengard
Ted Nasmith - The Wrath of the Ents.jpg
The Wrath of the Ents by Ted Nasmith, depicting the Battle of Isengard
Conflict: War of the Ring
Date: March 3, 3019 T.A.
Place: Isengard
Outcome: Drowning of Isengard, more or less complete victory for the Ents

Ents, Huorns, Merry and Pippin


  • Treebeard (their leader, but technically did not "lead")

Large number of Ents

Unknown total strength, probably around 1500 Orcs and Men


Beechbone, otherwise numbers unmentioned

The entire force, except for Saruman and Wormtongue

The Battle of Isengard was a battle fought during the War of the Ring. Spurred on by Merry Brandybuck and Peregrin Took, the Ents, followed by Huorns, invaded the Ring of Isengard from Fangorn Forest. The defenders of Isengard were Orcs and Men led (if not personally) by Saruman. The attackers surrounded Isengard, destroyed its gates, crumbled its walls and broke the dam, which flooded Isengard and the pits that Saruman used to create his war machines.

Several Ents were scorched and burned, notably Beechbone, and Treebeard (whether or not the effects were serious or not, it is not told), and the entire force of Orcs and Men that defended Isengard were destroyed, which may have been around one or two thousand.

In the end, the Ents took over Isengard. After Saruman's death and the end of the War of the Ring, the Ents made it one of the most beautiful gardens left in all of Middle-earth.

War of the Ring
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