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Battle of Sarn Athrad

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Battle of Sarn Athrad
Conflict: Sack of Menegroth
Date: 503
Place: The crossing at Sarn Athrad, and the slopes of the Blue Mountains
Outcome: Complete destruction of the Dwarven host




Unknown, Est. several thousand Wood-elves, and several hundred Ents

Unknown, Est. 20-30,000 Dwarves from Nogrod


light, several hundred

obliterated, none survived

The Battle of Sarn Athrad took place at Sarn Athrad, the ford of the river Gelion. The Naugrim were returning from the destruction of Doriath, and were weighted down with the spoils of Menegroth. At this ford Beren Erchamion ambushed them with his son Dior and the Laiquendi of Ossiriand. Many of the Dwarves were killed, and those who were not fled right into the hands of the Ents, who drove them in turn into the forest, from which none escaped. This was Beren's last battle, during which he slew the Lord of the Naugrim, and took the Nauglamír that was among the booty back to Tol Galen for his wife, Lúthien.