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Battle of the Chamber of Mazarbul

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Battle of the Chamber of Mazarbul
The Battle of the Chamber of Mazarbul as depicted in Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring
Conflict: Battle of the Chamber of Mazarbul
Date: January 15, 3019 T.A.
Place: The Chamber of Mazarbul in Khazad-dûm
Outcome: no victory for either side

The Fellowship of the Ring

The hordes of Moria, the Balrog of Moria



The Balrog of Moria


9 combatants

Unknown total strength, over 14 Moria orcs and Uruks, but probably not many more, at least one Cave-troll, the Balrog of Moria

A skirmish between the Fellowship of the Ring and the hordes of Moria in the Chamber of Mazarbul.

The Books

The Fellowship, having just read fragments of the Book of Mazarbul inside the Mazarbul chamber, hear the sounds of an approaching band of orcs. This group includes both Moria orcs and large, black Uruks of Mordor. The Fellowship tries to shut the doors to the chamber, but the orcs are already trying to force their way in. A large Cave-troll beats on the door and forces its foot thru. Frodo stabs the foot with Sting, causing the troll to withdraw. Orcs shoot arrows through the door, but they bounce uselessly off the walls of the chamber. At last, the orcs manage to burst their way through the chamber door. A fierce skirmish ensues.

Legolas shoots two orcs through the throat. Gimli hews the legs from under one. Aragorn and Boromir slay "many" (no exact number is given). During the fight, Sam is receives a small head injury but kills an orc himself. When the Fellowship has killed 13 orcs, the rest of the orcs flee shrieking. But just as the Fellowship is about to leave the chamber, a large orc-chieftan jumps in and pins Frodo to the wall with a spear. Thinking him dead, the Fellowship carries Frodo away, after Aragorn kills the orc. It is later revealed that Frodo receives a mere bruise, having been protected by his shirt of mithril mail.

Gandalf remains in the chamber while the rest of the Fellowship flee and faces the Balrog of Moria for the first time. Gandalf sets a shutting spell on the chamber door but cannot hold it. The spell is broken and Gandalf follows the Fellowship out of the chamber, down the Stairs of Khazad-dûm.