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Disaster of the Gladden Fields

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Battle of the Gladden Fields
Conflict: Post-Alliance War
Date: III 2
Place: Gladden Fields, north of Rohan
Outcome: Death of Isildur, loss of the One Ring
  • Isildur's Guard
  • Unknown
  • Isildur
  • Isildur's three sons Elendur, Aratan & Ciryon
  • 200 Knights and Soldiers
  • Less then 20 Archers
  • Said to be up to ten times the number of Númenóreans
  • Isildur
  • Entire escort save three
  • Unknown

The Battle of Gladden Fields was an ambush on Isildur and his personal guard.The Dúnedain were many times,even to ten times outnumbered.The great Men of Númenor towered above the tallest Orcs,their Swords and Spears far outreached the weapons of their enemies,but the Orcs of the Mountains were stiffened and commanded by grim servants of Barad-Dúr.Slowly but steadily the orcs achieved the upper hand.During the last stand,when it became clear that defeat was imminent Elendur ordered Isildur to put on the ring and flee.Isildur put on the One Ring and fled,when he reached the Anduin he tried to swim across it. But the Ring betrayed him and slipped off his finger as he swam, and as he rose out of the water in the moonlight prowling Orcs shot him. Only three of the ambushed survived, one of them was Isildur's esquire Ohtar who along with his companion brought the shards of Narsil to Rivendell.The third was Estelmo,he was Elendur's esquire,and was one of the last to fall,but was stunned by a club,and not slain,and was found alive under Elendur's body.