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Battle of the Thousand Caves

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{{battle| image=| name=Battle of the Thousand Caves| conflict=[[Sack of Doriath| date= 503| place=The Elven city of Menegroth| result=Victory for the Dwarves| side1=Elves| side2=Dwarves| commanders1=| commanders2=* KingNaugladur| forces1=Unknown, thousands| forces2=Uknown, Est. 20-40,000| casual1= Thousands of soldiers and civilians| casual2= Heavy, Est. 10,000 or more| }} The Battle of the Thousand Caves was a battle between the Dwarves of Nogrod and the Elves of Menegroth.


Events Prior to the Battle

Opposing Forces

The Battle

Aftermath and Repercussions