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Bay of Balar

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| name=Bay of Balar
| name=Bay of Balar
| othernames=
| othernames=
| etymology=[[Sindarin|S.]] ''[[bala]]'' "[[Valar|Vala]"
| etymology=[[Sindarin|S.]] ''[[bala]]'' "[[Valar|Vala]]"
| type=Bay
| type=Bay
| location=South of [[Arvernien]], off of [[Belegaer]]
| location=South of [[Arvernien]], off of [[Belegaer]]

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"...It is a long tale..." — Aragorn
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Bay of Balar
Physical Description
LocationSouth of Arvernien, off of Belegaer
DescriptionLarge bay including the Isle of Balar
General Information
EtymologyS. bala "Vala"
ReferencesOf Beleriand and Its Realms

The Bay of Balar was an ocean inlet of the Belegaer south of Beleriand, fed by the river Sirion.

It was presumably created in the cataclysms that accompanied the struggles of the Valar with Morgoth long before recorded history.

The Isle of Balar was a large island in the bay.

The name refers to the Valar (and Maiar), especially Ossë, who was associated with continental shelf areas. In Telerin the name Valar was Balai, and in Sindarin the form it took was eventually Bala.

Bay of Balar
Cape Balar, Falas Arvernien, Nimbrethil Mouths of Sirion
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Isle of Balar