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Bay of Belfalas

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The Bay of Belfalas, also called the windy Bay of Bel,[1][2] was a great gulf of the Great Sea lying to the south of Gondor, within whose waters stood the island of Tolfalas; the River Anduin flowed into the Bay. Directly north of it was the Gondorian region of Belfalas.[3]

During the Drowning of Númenor, the Bay of Belfalas was much filled at the east and south, and land upheaved around it. Anduin carved a new path by many mouths to the Bay.[4]

Tolfalas was almost destroyed, and was left at last like a barren and lonely mountain in the water not far from the issue of the River.

Other names

In Sindarin, the Bay of Belfalas was called Côf Belfalas, or Côf gwaeren Bêl ("the windy Bay of Bêl").[2]


The name Belfalas is composed of Mannish bel + Sindarin falas.[2]


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