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| titles=[[Ruling Steward]]
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This article is about the twenty-first Ruling Steward of Gondor. For the the fifteenth Steward, see Belecthor I.
Belecthor II
Biographical Information
TitlesRuling Steward
BirthT.A. 2752
RuleT.A. 2811 - 2872 (61 years)
DeathT.A. 2872 (aged 120)
HouseHouse of Húrin
Physical Description
Belecthor II (Third Age 2752[1] – 2872,[2] aged 120 years)was the twenty-first Ruling Steward of Gondor. He succeeded his father Beregond at his death in T.A. 2811.


Belecthor was the last of his line to pass the age of 100. Upon his death White Tree of Gondor also died, but was left standing "until the King comes".[3]

Belecthor was followed by his son Thorondir at his death in 2872.[2]

Other versions of the legendarium

Belecthor's date of death was recorded in Appendix A and "The Heirs of Elendil" as Third Age 2872, but in Appendix B as Third Age 2852. Since the 50th Anniversary Edition of The Lord of the Rings this has been corrected so all dates now show Third Age 2872.[4]


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Belecthor II
House of Húrin
Born: T.A. 2752 Died: T.A. 2872
Preceded by:
21st Ruling Steward of Gondor
T.A. 28112872
Followed by: