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Bell Goodchild

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Bell Gamgee
Biographical Information
Other namesBell Goodchild
Locationthe Shire
Physical Description
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Bell Gamgee, née Goodchild, was a Hobbit of the Shire.



Bell married Hamfast Gamgee. She would eventually give birth to Hamson, Halfred, Daisy, May, the famed Samwise and Marigold.[1]


Since female Hobbit names refer to plants, "Bell" is named after bellflowers, such as bluebell and harbell.[source?]

Portrayal in Adaptations

2003: Sierra's The Hobbit:

Bell Goodchild is a Hobbit child, playing hide-and-seek with Hamfast, Sadoc, Hilda and a somewhat unwilling Bilbo Baggins. She hides on the top floor of the Old Mill, which is only accessable by riding the water-wheel. Bell and Hamfast are shown to have a mutual love interest, but neither of them told the other.[2]


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