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Beorn's Hall

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Image by J.R.R. Tolkien, color added by H.E. Riddett.

Beorn's Hall lies near The Carrock (a great stone hill with steps carved from it) by the Great River of Wilderland, just west of Mirkwood. Beorn's home was surrounded by a oak trees and a inner inner thorny hedge with a high, broad wooden gate in the Northern side. Many bee-hives were lined-up along the hedge beyond the gate, and large garden covered much of the interior, with several buildings on the Eastern side, and a path that lead to Beorn's house. The path forked towards it's end, going around the back to the Veranda. A courtyard opened up at the front of the house, with two doors on either side leading to the other wings. once inside there were many pillars on either side of the hall, and their was a long table close to the front door, in the middle with benches on either side, and beyond it, in the centre of the room was a wide hearth. Along both sides of the walls, were raised platforms where the tables were stored and extra beds. At the of the room there was a door that opened up to a the veranda.