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Beregond (Steward of Gondor)

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| death=[[Third Age 2811]]  
| death=[[Third Age 2811]]  
| gender=Male
| gender=Male
| parentage=[[Beren]]
| parentage=[[Beren, Steward of Gondor|Beren]]
| spouse=
| spouse=
| children=[[Belecthor II]]
| children=[[Belecthor II]]

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Biographical Information
PositionRuling Steward
RuleThird Age 2763 - Third Age 2811
DeathThird Age 2811
ChildrenBelecthor II
Physical Description

Beregond is in J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional universe of Middle-earth the twentieth Ruling Steward of Gondor.

Beregond succeeded his father Beren at his death in 2763 Third Age.

Beregond was a great sea captain, who defeated the Corsairs of Umbar, and so helped relieve the Rohirrim, who were still being attacked by a combined force of Dunlendings and Corsairs sailing up the Isen.

Beregond was followed by his son Belecthor II at his death in 2811.

Preceded by:
20th Ruling Steward of Gondor
III 2763 – 2811
Followed by:
Belecthor II