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Beren (Steward of Gondor)

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The name Beren refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Beren (disambiguation).
Biographical Information
PositionRuling Steward
BirthThird Age 2655
RuleThird Age 2743 - Third Age 2763
DeathThird Age 2763, aged 108 years
Physical Description

Beren (Third Age 2655 – 2763, aged 108 years) was the nineteenth Ruling Steward of Gondor.

Beren succeeded his father Egalmoth at his death in Third Age 2743.

Beren spent much of his reign fighting the Corsairs of Umbar in southern Gondor. During the Long Winter Rohan came under attack from the Dunlendings, but as both nations were under attack neither could help the other. Therefore when Saruman suddenly appeared and requested leave to dwell in Isengard, Beren gladly gave the Wizard the keys to Orthanc.

Beren was followed by his son Beregond at his death in 2763.

Preceded by:
19th Ruling Steward of Gondor
III 2743 – 2763
Followed by: