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Berylla Boffin

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Berylla Baggins
Biographical Information
Other namesBerylla Boffin
Locationthe Shire
BirthT.A. 2772[1]
ParentageBuffo Boffin and Ivy Goodenough
Physical Description

Berylla Baggins (born T.A. 2772), born Berylla Boffin, was the wife of Balbo Baggins and mother of Mungo Baggins, Bolger, Ponto Baggins, Largo Baggins, and Lilly Goodbody.


Berylla is named after the beryl, a type of mineral which includes emerald and aquamarine. The name beryl (Latin beryllus) derives from Prakrit vēruliya, referring to the city name Vēlūr of India[2].


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