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Beyond Bree October 1985

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{{DISPLAYTITLE:''Beyond Bree'' October 1985}}
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[[Category:Beyond Bree]]

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Beyond Bree October 1985
Released: October 1985
Pages: 11½

Beyond Bree October 1985 is an issue of Beyond Bree, edited by Nancy Martsch. In his article, Taum Santoski provides a transcription of the elvish notes reproduced in Les aventures de Tom Bombadil.[1]

[edit] Contents

  • "The Living Flower in its Casket" by Katherine Schroeder (ill.)
  • "Homecoming, SR 1419" poem by Lee Garig
  • "Tolkien-san, Yoku Irasshaimashitaf ... Some Observations on Similarities Between Japanese and the Elvish Languages of J.R.R. Tolkien" by Patrick Wynne
  • "The Nature of Eru" comments by Michael Fath & Steve Deyo
  • "A Manuscript by J.R.R. Tolkien in the French edition of The Adventures of Tom Bombadil" by Taum Santoski
  • "The Stone of Erech" by Geoff Davies
  • Publications, Letters, News[2]


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