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Big-atures or Bigatures are terms referring to miniature models created by Weta Workshop for The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy movies. Because of their size, Christy Hennah named them big-atures.

File:Cirith Ungol minature 1.jpg
Cirith Ungol miniature
File:Minas Tirith minature 1.jpg
Minas Tirith miniature

From the pre-production of the films, Peter Jackson had decided to create small-size models of structures to the last detail and then add some digital work, instead of creating these locations fully digital. Some of the Big-atures Weta created include:

Minas Tirith was built in a 1/72 scale and some of its parts in a 1/14 scale for closer scenes. According to the Extended DVD edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy, it required almost 1000 houses to be completed, and its height was around 7 meters.

John Howe revisited the original drawings based on Tokien's writings, and the model was built on a rocky pinnacle instead directly on the mountain, Cirith Ungol constructed highly detailed with various gothic elements.