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Bladorinand is one of the rejected names of Beleriand which J.R.R. Tolkien "jotted down - - - on a page of rough working for the opening of the Lay [of Leithian]" (HoME III, 160) when he was probably searching for a replacement of Broseliand, used so far.

According to Christopher Tolkien (HoME, ibid.), Bladorinand is connected with Palúrien's [later known as Yavanna] name Bladorwen 'the wide earth, Mother Earth' (HoME I, 264).

All in all there were eight of these names: Golodhinand, Noldórinan, Geleriand, Bladorinand, Belaurien, Arsiriand, Lassiriand, Ossiriand.