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Blue Wizards

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The Blue Wizards (S. Ithryn Luin) were two notoriously mysterious Wizards of the five of Middle-earth. The two Wizards were sent to the East.

Their names in Valinor were Alatar and Pallando, and they served the Vala Oromë.[1] The title "Blue Wizards" was given for their sea-blue colored robes.

They are said to have arrived not in the Third Age, but in the Second, around the year 1600, the time of the forging of the One Ring. Their mission was to weaken the forces of Sauron and it is said that the Wizards had a pivotal role in the victories of the West at the end of both the Second and the Third Ages.[2]

It is possible, although not known for sure, that they went into the East and ultimately abandoned their roles and became founders or beginners of secret cults and "magic" traditions that outlasted the fall of Sauron.[3]


The Sindarin name Ithryn Luin consists of ithryn ("wizards"; plural of ithron) and luin ("blue").[4]

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