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* [[1969]]: [[Tolkien Journal (Vol.3, No.4)|''Tolkien Journal'' (Vol.3, No.4)]]
* [[1969]]: [[Tolkien Journal (Vol.3, No.4)|''Tolkien Journal'' (Vol.3, No.4)]]
** "A Ready Answer" (review of [[William B. Ready]]'s ''[[The Tolkien Relation]]'')
** "A Ready Answer" (review of [[William Ready]]'s ''[[The Tolkien Relation]]'')
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Bonniejean Christensen, Ph.D. was Professor of English at the University of North Dakota.


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  • 1969: Beowulf and The Hobbit: Elegy Into Fantasy in J.R.R. Tolkien's Creative Technique (Ph.D. dissertation)

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