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Borin (Third Age 2450 – 2711, aged 261 years) was a Dwarf of Durin's folk, the younger son of King Náin II. During his youth, his clan lived in the dragon-plagued Grey Mountains where his brother and nephew were slain. Durin's folk then divided, with some journeying back to Lonely Mountain under Thrór while others followed Grór to the Iron Hills. While never stated explicity, Borin probably went with Thrór to Lonely Mountain.

Borin was the ancestor of both Balin of Thorin and Company and Gimli Elf-friend of the Company of the Ring.


              Náin II
         |               |
         |               |
       Dáin I          BORIN
         |               |
   ______|______         |
  |      |      |        |
  |      |      |        |
Thrór   Frór   Grór    Farin