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Borondir Udalraph (died April 15, T.A. 2510) was a Gondorian soldier with some Northern blood: a forefather was a Captain of the Northmen who served under the Steward of Gondor. He was described as brave and an excellent rider.

He was one of six riders sent out by Steward Cirion to seek the aid of the Northmen when the Balchoth threatened Gondor's northern borders. He was the only one to reach Eorl the Young alive, and brought him the Red Arrow and the Seal of the Stewards. On the journey South, he showed knowledge of the of Lothlórien; he understood the strange mist they had to pass was not magic from Dol Guldur, but rather an effort by Galadriel to stop such magic.

Borondir brought the Northmen to the Battle of the Field of Celebrant, but did not survive the battle. His body was taken to the Silent Street, and his name and deeds were remembered in song: Rochon Methestel, "Rider of Last Hope".


The name Borondir means "Steadfast Man" from boron "steadfast, enduring" and dir, a suffix used for "man". His epithet Udalraph means "the Stirrupless"; he was a rider who did not need stirrups, like the Nortmen.