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Brambles of Mordor

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In Mordor there was Gorgoroth, where the furnace and forge of the Ring lord sauron were held. It was bragged that nothing grew on said poisoned land, but the "Red Book of Westmarch" says that there were some plants that did grow there. In sheltered places twisted tree-forms and stunted grey grasses grew. The leaves were shrivelled with Sulphur vapour and maggot hatchlings. Nowhere in Middle-Earth did brambles ever grow so large and fierce. These Brambles of Mordor were ugly with foot-long thorns, which were barbed and sharp as the knives of the orcs that came from Mordor. They sprawled over the land like coils of steel wire. They were truly the flowers of Mordor, for thy represented Mordor exaclty; cruel, fierce, and disgusting.