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Brambles of Mordor

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Brambles of Mordor were ugly with foot-long thorns, which were sharp as the knives of the orcs that came from Mordor. Some of the thorns were long and sharp, meaning that they could puncture very deeply, while others were barbed, making them suited for rending the flesh if one tried to walk through them. They sprawled over the land like coils of steel wire. As Sam Gamgee remarked, he hadn't thought that any plants actually grew in Mordor, though had he been told that some do, the brambles were exactly what he would have expected of Mordor.

They grew in sheltered places twisted tree-forms and stunted grey grasses grew. The leaves were shrivelled with Sulphur vapour and maggot hatchlings. They were the only plantlife that seemed to maintain more than a tenuous foothold.