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Bree-land by Matěj Čadil

The tem Bree-land referred to the land around the Bree-hill, the chief township of which was Bree itself, but which also comprised the villages of Staddle, Combe and Archet.[1]


The area was settled in the Second Age by Men from Dunland. Surviving the wars and chaos of that time, it became part of the kingdoms of Arnor then Arthedain and then maintained a certain independence with the unknowing protection of the Rangers of the North. After the War of the Ring, Bree-land became part of the Reunited Kingdom.

Portrayal in adaptations

2007: The Lord of the Rings Online:

Bree-land is a major region, that covers a large area: from Buckland in the far west to the Weather Hills to the far east. Old Forest, Barrow-downs, Midgewater Marshes and Chetwood are all included within its boundaries.


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