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"...It is a long tale..." — Aragorn
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Physical Description
LocationBetween Teiglin and Sirion
RealmsHaladin, Doriath
InhabitantsHaladin, Sindar
DescriptionForest of silver birches, with Amon Obel amidmost
General Information
EtymologyS. brethil "beech"
ReferencesThe Silmarillion (throughout)

Brethil was a cluster of woods between the Teiglin and the Sirion, originally part of Doriath. It was to Brethil that the House of Haleth removed after dwelling east of the river Gelion. Some Drúedain also dwelt there. The main feature of the forest was the hill of Amon Obel, upon which stood Ephel Brandir, the main settlement of the Haladin.