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Brian Miller

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B.D.H. Miller
Biographical information
BornBirmingham, 14 October 1924
DiedOxford, 26 February 2001
OccupationScholar, Philologist
LocationEngland, Singapore

Brian Donald Hewens Miller (14 October 1924 - 26 February 2001) was an English scholar and philologist.

Miller was a Lecturer in English Philology at Oriel College and Brasenose College in Oxford in 1953-57.[1] During his time in Oxford, Miller, became also one of J.R.R. Tolkien's B.Litt. (Bachelor of Literature or Bachelor of Letters) students (starting on January 20, 1952). During four years he worked on his thesis on the Middle English fabliau (comic bourgeois tale) Dame Sirith, examined by Tolkien and G.V Smithers on March 2, 1956.[2]

Miller and Tolkien seem to have continued staying in touch. In 1971, he sent Tolkien a copy of C.T. Onions' Modern English Syntax (the revised edition by Miller, published in the same year). Tolkien replied to Miller on June 21, thanking for the gift (see letter Brian Miller June 21 1971).


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