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The Broadbeams were one of the seven clans of the Dwarves who lived in Belegost in the Ered Luin during the First Age.

The Broadbeams, were paired with the Firebeards who lived in the Northern part of the Ered Luin when they were awakened by Eru Illuvatar, before the First Age. They were prosperous in their great city of Belegost, trading with their kinsman in the North, and also with the Elves of Beleriand and newly appeared race of Men. The Broadbeams, were a more friendly clan than their northern kinsman the Firebeards, who were a more greedy and more selfish bunch.

the Nauglamir a jeweled necklace and one of the most beautiful treasures ever made in Arda for king Thingol of Menegroth, was made by the Broadbeams. The Broadbeams also helped build the city of Nargothrond for the Elves. Another famous item was the Dragon-helm of Dor-lómin, which was made by the famous dwarf-smith, Telchar.

The Dwarves also fought in the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, the Heavily armoured Broadbeams with their iron masks held off the dragon Glaurung, as the sons of Fëanor retreated south to Ossiriand. During the battle, their great king Azaghâl was killed by Glaurung but not before wounding the dragon with a dagger in the stomach. Glaurung, screamed in pain and flead, with many of the forces of Morgoth following him. forgetting the battle, the Broadbeams picked up there fallen leader and marched home.

The kingdom of the Broadbeams came to a close in the War of Wrath, with the breaking of the Ered Luin and the destruction of Beleriand which sank beneath the waves. Belegost, was ruined and the city of the Firebeards, Nogrod, was totally destroyed and sank into the sea with much of the Ered Luin. Some of the Dwarves stayed to rebuild what they could of their ancient halls, but many left to go to Khazad-dum, home of their kinsman the Longbeards.

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