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[[Category:Characters in The Hobbit]]
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Bungo Baggins
Biographical Information
LocationBag End, Hobbiton
BirthS.R. 1246
DeathS.R. 1326
ParentageMungo Baggins and Laura Grubb
Physical Description
GalleryImages of Bungo Baggins

Bungo Baggins (T.A. 2846 - 2926, died aged 80) was the eldest child of Mungo Baggins and Laura Grubb.

Bungo, a well-to-do hobbit, married into the Took clan when he wed Belladonna Took, daughter of the Old Took, in 1280. Bungo and Belladonna had only one child together, the infamous Bilbo Baggins.

Apart from fathering Bilbo, Bungo's other achievement is that he built an excavated the rather luxurious Bag End in the Hill in Hobbiton in around S.R. 1220.

There is an indirect mention of Bungo in The Fellowship of the Ring as the person who laid down some Old Winyards who were given to Old Rory Brandybuck.