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Physical Description
DescriptionDeep gorge, with Teiglin flowing below
General Information
Other namesCabed Naeramarth
EtymologyS. cabed "leap" + en "of" + aras "deer"
EventsLeap of Nienor
ReferencesOf Túrin Turambar

Cabed-en-Aras (translated as Leap of the Deer) was a deep gorge near Brethil through which the river Taeglin ran.

Túrin slew Glaurung when the dragon was trying to get over the ravine to attack Brethil. Later both were found by Nienor. As a result of Glaurung's machinations she cast herself down the ravine, which was later named Cabed Naeramarth, the Leap of Dreadful Doom. The spot was later considered haunted, and even animals did not come there.