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The pass through the mountains of the [[Pelóri]] that led from the shores of the [[Great Sea]] westward into [[Valinor]]. Its name translates as 'Pass of Light', a reference to the light of the [[Two Trees]] that shone through the pass in the days before the [[Sun]] and [[Moon]]. The [[Elves|Elven]] city of [[Tirion]] stood between the walls of the pass, and [[Eärendil]] came there on his famous journey into the West, as told in [[Bilbo]]'s song quoted above.  
'''Calacirian''' was a region of [[Eldamar]] near the entrance to the ravine of [[Calacirya]]. The name appears in [[Bilbo Baggins|Bilbo's]] song of [[Song of Eärendil|Eärendil]] in [[Rivendell]]:<ref>{{FR|II1}}</ref><ref name=RGEO>{{RGEO|Notes}}, p. 70</ref>
The much more common form of this name is 'Calacirya', and in fact the particular form Calacirian only ever occurs in Bilbo's Song of Eärendil. Throughout [[The Silmarillion]], and even elsewhere in [[The Lord of the Rings]], 'Calacirya' is the preferred form, suggesting that the modification to 'Calacirian' is purely for Bilbo's poetic purposes.
:''and seven lights before him sent,<br>as through the Calacirian<br>to hidden land forlorn he went.''
The [[Quenya]] name ''Calacirian'' is a simplified ("anglicized") form of ''Kalakiryandë'', derived from ''Kalakirya''.<ref name=RGEO/><ref>{{PE|17}}, p. 73</ref>
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Calacirian was a region of Eldamar near the entrance to the ravine of Calacirya. The name appears in Bilbo's song of Eärendil in Rivendell:[1][2]

and seven lights before him sent,
as through the Calacirian
to hidden land forlorn he went.


The Quenya name Calacirian is a simplified ("anglicized") form of Kalakiryandë, derived from Kalakirya.[2][3]


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