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Camellia Sackville

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Camellia Sackville
Biographical Information
LocationMichel Delving
Physical Description
Camellia Sackville was Bilbo's aunt by marriage, marrying his uncle, Longo Baggins.

Camellia and Longo founded the Sackville-Baggins family with their marriage, and they had one child together, Otho, Bilbo's cousin, who was born in S.R. 1310. Through her son Otho Baggins, she became the mother-in-law of Lobelia Sackville-Baggins.

Little biographical information is known about Camellia, however possibly came from Michel Delving[1]


The name refers to an Asian plant. It is named after George Joseph Kamel, who brought the plant from Japan.

It possibly suggests that this exotic plant still existed in Middle-earth in the Third Age, like potatoes and tobacco.


  1. In the earlier drafts of the Baggins genealogy. Whether this was meant to stand is unclear.