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Captains of the Outlands

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Captains of the Outlands were those princes and other leaders of the southern fiefs of Gondor, who brought their troops to the defence of Minas Tirith in the War of the Ring. Altogether they brought less than three thousand soldiers to Minas Tirith. The following are mentioned entering the City as seen by Peregrin Took and Bergil:

Forlong the Fat, the Lord of Lossarnach, with two hundred well-armed men bearing battle-axes
Dervorin, son of the lord of the Ringló Vale, with three hundred men on foot
Duinhir and his sons Duilin and Derufin from the uplands of Morthond, leading five hundred bowmen
Golasgil, the lord of Anfalas, "a long line" of with many sorts of men scantily equipped except the men of the household of Golasgil himself
(A few hillmen from Lamedon without a captain)
(About a hundred of fishermen from Ethir)
Hirluin the Fair from Pinnath Gelin with three hundred "gallant green-clad men"
Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth, with a company of knights in full armour and seven hundred men-of-arms

Sources: The Lord of the Ring, "The Return of the King", Book V, Chapter 1, "Minas Tirith".