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Physical Description
Locationabove Khazad-dûm, between Celebdil and Fanuidhol, on the border between Eriador and Rhovanion
Belongs tothe Misty Mountains
General Information
Other namesRedhorn (Westron), Baraz(inbar) (Khuzdul)
EtymologyCaradhras: caran - red, ras - horn
Barazinbar: baraz - red, inbar - horn
Eventscapture of Celebrían, wife of Elrond; attempt of Fellowship of the Ring to cross Misty Mountains
"Caradhras was called the Cruel, and had an ill name long years ago, when rumour of Sauron had not been heard in these lands."

Caradhras, also called the Redhorn and Barazinbar (the literal Westron and Khuzdul translations of the Sindarin name), was one of the mightiest peaks in the Misty Mountains.


The Mountain

Caradhras was the tallest and northernmost of the Mountains of Moria, the three mountains which the great Dwarf palace of Khazad-dûm was built under. The other two were Celebdil (Silvertine) and Fanuidhol (Cloudyhead). Caradhras was described as "mighty peek, tipped with snow like silver, but with sheer naked sides". In the light of the rising or setting sun it appeared "dull red as if stained with blood".

Caradhras was called the Cruel by the Dwarves and had long had a bad reputation.[1] It was the site on Middle-earth where Mithril was found and were dwarves woke Durin's Bane, the Balrog of Moria. [2]

The Redhorn Gate

The Redhorn Gate (also called the Redhorn Pass) was a narrow and dangerous pass through the Misty Mountains that led from the wilds of Eriador through to Rhovanion beyond. Sheer and steep, it climbed across the southern slopes of Caradhras and led down into the Dimrill Dale and hence the Vale of Anduin beyond the Mountains.[1]

The Redhorn Gate was known to be treacherous. It was on this pass in Third Age 2509 that Celebrían, the wife of Elrond, was captured by orcs. This was also the pass used by the hobbits migrating from Gladden Fields into Eriador.[3]

After the fall of Khazad-dûm, this pass was predominantly used by elves travelling between Lorien and Eriador. On January 11 - 12, Third Age 3019, the Fellowship of the Ring attempted to cross the Misty Mountains by the Redhorn Gate. They came into a fierce blizzard and couldn't go any further due to the deep snow. So they were defeated by the ill will of the mountain and were forced to cross under the Misty Mountains through the Mines of Moria.[1]

Portrayal in Adaptations

In The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring by Peter Jackson the violent snowstorms on the mountain are caused by Saruman and not the mountain itself.


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