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Category:Rulers of Arnor

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5. [[Arantar]]<br>
5. [[Arantar]]<br>
6. [[Tarcil]]<br>
6. [[Tarcil]]<br>
7. [[Tarondor (King of Gondor)||Tarondor]]<br>
7. [[Tarondor (King of Gondor)|Anardil]]<br>
8. [[Valandur]]<br>
8. [[Valandur]]<br>
9. [[Elendur (King of Arnor)|Elendur]]<br>
9. [[Elendur (King of Arnor)|Elendur]]<br>

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This category contains articles on the Rulers of Arnor:

1. Elendil
2. Isildur
3. Valandil
4. Eldacar
5. Arantar
6. Tarcil
7. Anardil
8. Valandur
9. Elendur
10. Eärendur

After Eärendur the North-kingdom was divided in three parts, Arthedain, Rhudaur and Cardolan. Only the Rulers of Arthedain and later the Chieftains of the Dúnedain maintained the line of Isildur.


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