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Biographical Information
TitlesLady of Rivendell.
Birthc. S.A. 400.
DeathT.A. 2510; sailed West. (aged Did not die.)
ParentageCeleborn + Galadriel.
ChildrenElladan, Elrohir, Arwen.
Physical Description
Hair colorProbably silver.
GalleryImages of Celebrían

Celebrían (Second Age 400 – Third Age 2510, aged 5,551 years when she took the Straight Road to Valinor) was the princess of Lórien in Middle-earth, the daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel. As the wife of Elrond, she was also known as Lady of Rivendell. She was the mother of Arwen and the twins Elrohir and Elladan. Her daughter would later marry Aragorn Elessar, hero of the War of the Ring, and become the Queen of the Reunited Kingdom.


Celebrían was born in Eriador on the shores of Lake Nenuial. She lived in the Elven Kingdom of Eregion, and later moved to Lórien with her mother around S.A. 1350. In 1701 she went to Rivendell with Galadriel searching for Celeborn, where she first met Lord Elrond. Centuries later they would marry, in the year 109 of the Third Age.

In Third Age 2509, on a trip to Lórien to visit her parents, she was waylaid by Orcs in the Redhorn Pass of the Misty Mountains. She was captured and tormented, receiving a poisoned wound. Her sons rescued her and she was healed by Elrond, but she no longer wished to stay in Middle-earth. She left for the Grey Havens and passed over the Great Sea the following year.


     Eärendil = Elwing
              |       Celeborn = Galadriel
          ____|____            |
         |         |           |
         |         |           |
       Elros     Elrond = CELEBRÍAN
               |        |        |
               |        |        |
Aragorn II = Arwen   Elrohir   Elladan