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'''Celebrant''' was a stream rising in the eastern [[Misty Mountains]] from the [[Mirrormere]] in the [[Dimrill Dale]].  It then ran through [[Lothlórien]] where it was met by the [[Nimrodel]] river, and emptied into the [[Anduin]].
'''Celebrant''' was the [[Sindarin]] name of ''[[Kibil-nâla]]'', translated as [[Silverlode]].
The [[Fellowship of the Ring]] followed this river when they travelled from Moria to Lórien.
From ''[[celeb]]'' "silver" and ''[[rant]]'' "course"
It was called '''''Silverlode''''' in [[Westron]] and '''''Kibil-nâla''''' in [[Khuzdul]], the language of [[Dwarves]].
[[Category:Sindarin Locations]]
[[Category:Sindarin Locations]]

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Celebrant was the Sindarin name of Kibil-nâla, translated as Silverlode.


From celeb "silver" and rant "course"